Have I abandoned beadwork? Absolutely not!  And I promise to get back to beading eventually, but my creative muse has the upper hand and at the moment she is dictating that I continue designing with polymer clay cutouts.  Do you know the story of “The Red Shoes”?  A ballerina sees a beautiful pair of red satin slippers in the cobbler shop window and when the cobbler presents them to her and places them on her feet, she starts to dance and cannot stop.  She dances continuously and eventually dances herself to death!  While I seriously doubt that creating earrings will result in my demise, these colorful polymer cutouts keep calling to me to make another pair!  Each playful earring is a flight of fancy leading to the next design and the design after that!  Thus far, I’ve made over thirty one-of-a-kind mix and match “Matisse Inspired Cutouts earrings and the designs continue to evolve.  I’ve kept several  for myself, but the others are can be found in my Etsy shop!