Barbara Briggs Designs Bracelets
Baubles, Bangles, and Beads…so goes the song from “South Pacific”. I love working with silver and mixed metals, gemstones, and  found objects! Presently, I am not accepting commissions. To check the availability of jewelry shown on this page, please send inquiries to the email address at the bottom of this page. Also, check my Etsy shop – you may find something you like!





Elaborate Charm Bangles – Sterling and fine silver, wrapped silver coils, charms, lampworked glass and beads of semi-precious gem stones glide along lengths of 14 gauge sterling. Each is one of a kind. Sold.







Charm Bracelet – This bracelet is loaded to the max with almost everything under the sun!  Materials used are sterling and fine silver, bronze, copper, polymer clay, river stone, semi-precious beads, coins, dice, altered dominoes, shell casings, resin pieces, pearls, and crystals! NFS.



My handmade steel and Argentium sterling silver bangles look wonderful worn singly or stacked in multiples! Because they are made with 2mm steel wire, they are very strong and will hold their shape. If you wish, you can add additional charms by attaching them with jump rings to the bangles. I consider these bangles to be unisex as they are equally attractive worn by women or men! These bangles are listed in my Etsy shop!



Here’s a twist…guitar wire is used for the foundation of this novel bangle. It is graced with a variety of textured, colorful polymer clay beads and a tiny carved elephant of river jasper. Sold





This cuff is made of multi-patterned sterling silver. A large focal turquoise is set at the center and surrounded by gemstone cabochons of lapis lazuli, chrysoprase, coral, Bisbee turquoise, and silver embellishments. This cuff will fit a 6″ or smaller wrist. $265