This has not been my week!  I’ve been designing a new geometric components project and tutorial that I find most enjoyable, but it has been slow-going because my Word for Mac software program, which I have used exclusively for every tutorial I’ve written (fifty-three to date!) constantly freezes and crashes! Apple sent a notification several months ago stating that as software updates occur, eventually only 132 bit programs will function and 64 bit programs will become obsolete. That could be contributing to the problem I’m having as several updates have occurred since that time. After spending two days trouble-shooting Word, I gave up and am now editing the tutorial using Pages. Being a novice to Pages, I am gradually learning how the program works and I do hope to have the tutorial finished by the end of the week. To make matters worse I have a severe carpal tunnel problem with my left hand. The numbness, tingling, and pain are now so advanced that just taking a break from beading, typing, and any other task that aggravates the condition no longer offers relief. I’m scheduled for surgery on October 23 and  will be confined to resting my left hand for a solid two weeks if not more before easing back into tasks that require use of my left hand. I had surgery on my right hand in 1986 and it rectified the problem. I’m hoping for equally successful results this time. Fingers crossed…wish me luck!