Barbara Briggs Designs Necklaces

Because all pieces are one of kind, please be aware that a commissioned piece can differ somewhat from the original. To special order or check the availability of a piece shown here, please contact me. Also, check my Etsy shop – you may find something you like!


“Cicada” Pendant – I like cicadas…I love the music they make!  Many think they represent good luck and have been the stuff of myths and folklore to represent carefree living and immortality. This one-of-a-kind bronze metal clay Cicado measures 2″ x .75″ in size.  It dangles from an antique finished 24″ long sterling silver chain. $148




“Earth and Sea” Pendant” – Suspended from a 26″ long antique finished sterling silver cable chain, this nature inspired pendant is composed of a bronze cast twig and rectangular charm that holds a natural Biwa pearl and bronze metal clay spirula and urchin charms set in epoxy resin clay.  The backside of the pendant is fitted with textured polymer clay.  A bronze metal clay charm and fresh water pearl dangle at the bottom of the pendant.  The pendant measures 4″ in length. $325




“Spirula” Pendant – This one-of-a-kind reversible mixed media pendant was created with bronze metal clay and polymer clay. One side holds a textured white polymer clay spirula while the opposite side shows a smaller raised black faux ammonite. The wing at the bottom of the pendant is made of patinaed pure fine silver metal clay and dangles from a coiled length of Argentium silver wire. This pendant measures a total of 3″ in length and the heavy sterling flat cable chain measures 24″ in length. $350



“Pirates Treasure” Pendant – Suspended by a heavy hand-hammered bronze bail, this petite pendant features a heavy framed bronze bezel adorned with a crest of hand carved Faux Bone™. Encased in resin is a collage of text, shards of gold glass and a fresh water pearl. A tiny gem of labradorite dangles from sterling silver wire at the bottom. This pendant is sold by itself and does not include the seed beaded rope shown here. Sold







“Talisman” Pendant – Below the hand-hammered bronze wire bail is a torch-fired dish of copper which protectively holds an antique etched glass bead. Suspended beneath is a tiny bone made of polymer clay. The bone connects to a framed bronze bezel that holds a textured square of polymer clay impressed with a pattern symbolizing infinity. Finally, suspended from a swirl of argentium sterling silver wire is a textured bronze metal clay charm. The talisman measures about 3″ in length and it glides on a hand-hammered bronze wire neckring. Sold







“Reef” Charm Pendant – I enjoy making pendants that utilize charms. This piece is from a series of theme inspired charm pendants. Starting from the top down, a bail of heavy argentium silver wire holds a coral bead. Attached to that is a bronze framed bezel that holds resin with inclusions of a petite pearl, pieces of seashell and tiny shards of glass and “fairy dust” – a.k.a. extremely fine glitter! A silver starfish swings to and fro at the bottom. Measuring almost 3″ in length, the pendant glides along a neckring made of hammer-textured bronze wire. $148





“Ten” Pendant – This fun double-sided pendant made of sterling silver is quite novel – the textured bezel holds a slice from a cue ball! The textured backside of the pendant is stamped with text that reads “Number – a mathematical unit used to express an amount”. This piece is one and one-half inches in diameter and hangs on a 25″ sterling silver ball chain. $268.





“Musica” Charm Pendant – Another charm themed piece, this mixed media pendant was created with a musical theme. The Italian word “Musica” is empressed in polymer clay and held in a heavy framed bezel made of bronze. Captured in resin inside a sterling silver bezel that dangles at the bottom is a tiny fragment of sheet music. Measuring 2″ in length, it glides along a hammer-textured bronze neckring. Sold






“Pearl of the Orient”
– Another interesting reversible mixed media pendant with different colorways on each side, this piece has an Asian theme. On one side in pastel tones, the sterling silver bezel holds a fragment of a postcard from Japan along with Japanese text and a butterfly wing captured in resin. The brighter colored backside shows the portrait of a Geisha framed in the textured bezel. A large cream colored pearl dangles at the bottom. The piece glides along a hand-hammered bronze neckring. It’s like having two pendant! Sold.





“How to Wrap an Egg” Pendant – This mixed media pendant incorporates many materials and is somewhat a talisman denoting strength guarding fragility. The focus of this piece is a polymer clay bird sitting atop a polymer clay egg tht is encased by a strip of riveted sterling silver and wrapped with sterling wire. The protected egg is suspended by bronze wires that are adorned with beads of bronze and bone. The fine silver cast twig showcases a black pearl. Measuring 2 and 1/2″ in length, the pendant swings to and fro on a handmade 28″ chain of hammer textured steel links. Rock-a-bye baby! $398







“Tropical Vacation” Pendant – On one side of this pendant you’ll find a collage of numbers, a drawing of a bird, and colors of the tropics captured in resin. The backside of this rich textured bronze framed bezel shows a fragment of a doll-sized postcard and pieces sparkly glass shard. Measuring two inches in length, the pendant dangles from a bail made of sterling silver and adorned with a small bronze metal clay disk. It is suspended from a hammered steel neckring that is wrapped with bronze wire. $198