Several months ago while on vacation I devoted time to exploring color and pattern design while beading triangles. I had planned to make a CGB-inspired Kaleidocycle with these, but then stashed them in the UFO drawer while I worked on my “Carnival” Geometric Beaded Beads Bracelet design. Now once again, I’m working on these triangles and as much as I like the idea of making a whimsical little machine that folds in and onto itself, I’d really rather make wearable art jewelry.  I prefer something dangling on my wrist or ears opposed to a toy-like object.  And frankly, repetition bores me so the idea of working twenty-four triangles in four pattern repeats is not something I look forward to at this time. I’d much rather make triangles in which each varies in pattern and/or color. This week will be busy, but I hope to have this project finished by next week along with a tutorial and kits…stay tuned!