This is the table on which I work with metal clay, polymer clay, and resin and for months it has been covered with all manner of paraphernalia that goes into the making of art.  There was hardly an inch of free space and no work could be accomplished on this table while it was in such disarray!  A special order for metal clay components was the impetus for taking the time to clean this studio and I must say, it is indeed a pleasure to once again see it looking so neat.  If only it would stay that way!  My beading table on the other hand, which is located in another area of the same room is next in line for a cleanup and fortunately, it isn’t nearly at the level of “disaster area” that the other was.  It will require a minimal amount of tidying up.  Next week I will try to find time rearrange the mess on my jewelry bench in the metals studio. Making art is a messy business!