Polymer Clay - Pod Beads - Winter

It’s winter and I felt compelled to create a collection of polymer clay pod components that blend with my neutral wardrobe. I may string these components as I did with my “Tropical Pods” necklace, but I also have in mind a necklace that combines hammer-textured silver wire from which a single pod and twig will dangle. In my mind’s eye, I visualize several components joined to each other and hanging dead center from a neck ring or collar. I think a bezeled neutral-colored stone might be a nice addition linking one pod to another…or maybe not. I don’t’ want to rush into creating the piece until I have thought out the design thoroughly. This is the kind of thing that prevents me from falling asleep once my head hits the pillow. Ideas flow in and out of my brain as I toss and turn and if I don’t physically record these ideas in my design journal, they somehow manage to flitter away before daybreak…disappearing without a trace!