Blog Post - The New Necklace

An article in the February 2016 issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, “The New Necklace” refers to chokers and collars, which feature predominantly on fashion runways this season. Time and again, fashion repeats itself and if one lives long enough, one sees hemlines go up and down and pants go from narrow to wide numerous times over the decades. If chokers and collars are indeed “the new necklace” now trending, I have been ahead of the curve for some time having made many metal and beaded versions over the past years. The beaded wraps shown at the left side of the photo are my “Fire Dragon”, “Loch Ness Sea Dragon”, and “Creative Components” Wraps, all of which were inspired by Contemporary Geometric Beadwork. You’ll find tutorials and kits for the above designs in my Etsy shop. Devoting this past year to metal work and polymer clay, I have taken a brief hiatus from beading, but my fingers are starting to want to pick up needle and thread again and I have several ideas for new designs dancing in my head. Stay tuned…something new lies ahead!