BeadedBangle_DoubleLayeredThis beaded insert for my brass bangle definitely had a mind of its own!  Although it serves as a prototype for an insert in the channel of a brass mesh bangle, there are many things I’d change in the design.  The base would be composed of more rows of beads making it far deeper so the flared edges could sit higher above the rolled edges of the brass mesh.  I’ll also have to add more beads to the starting row, because it did pull in while stitching and became a bit too snug to fit into the channel.  As it stands in its present form, it is a perfectly lovely, small-scale double-layered bangle.  One flared edge sports tiny 2.5mm Swarovski bi-cone crystals.  The opposite flared edge is adorned with delicate picots composed of 15/0 charlottes.  Four burgundy Keishi pearls peek out from the inside edge of the bangle at evenly spaced intervals.  The body of the bangle is comprised entirely of 15/0 and 11/0 seed beads in colors ranging from cream pearl, coral, fuchsia, lavender, and purple with a touch of olive thrown in.  I’m rather pleased with the end product!