I must have been a very good girl over this past year because Santa brought me everything that was on my Xmas list! Several gifts were items I truly needed…a keyboard for my iPad (the old keyboard had letters that would stick, which drove me crazy!) and a digital scale for weighing beads. My previous scale dated back to 1989 and had become somewhat less than accurate. It also was pocket-sized, which is handy for travel if one were so inclined to weigh beads while on the road, but the Lilliputian size prevented the weighing of anything larger than 3″ x 4″. The new scale has a more generous platform and also has the option of being operated on batteries or by electric current. I will be giving it a test run very soon as I assemble orders for beading kits, which are quite popular now with the onset of severely cold winter weather. Staying indoors and spending time beading is a wonderful alternative to braving the cold!