SafariCuff_Steps_Hint3This cuff is undoubtedly my most ambitious undertaking in geometric beading to date. It’s not that it’s anymore difficult to bead than the other geometric cuffs I’ve made. It’s that I’ve chosen to create five different animal prints and have been “fine tuning” and tweaking the patterns as I go along. The various prints  that I’ve drawn continue to morph and as I complete each row, I do a bit more tweaking with the charts. I am loving working the animal prints, which will cover approximately thirty rows, and I’m enjoying working with the various Delica color mixes. An exterior layer that will extend for perhaps ten to fifteen rows is planned for one if not both cuff edges. Giving dimension and stability to the cuff, the extra layer(s) will lend additional interest and substance to the piece.  I’m making slow progress at this point because I’m also stepping out the pattern as I go along. Thus far I’ve only been able to accomplish beading three or four rows per day, paying careful attention to detail. I’m hoping to have it finished in time to send to Kate for CGB II inclusion. I’ll be posting more photos as the cuff progresses…stay tuned!