geometric-warped-square-folded-earrings-modeled-and-signedgeometric-warped-square-folded-earrings-modeled-signedI should have started playing with Warped Squares several years ago when the craze for geometric beading was in its infancy. But there were so many exciting ideas presented in Jean Power’s book “Geometric Beadwork” and Kate McKinnon’s “Contemporary Geometric Beadwork” (a third CGB book is due out this year!) that I hardly knew where to start! Back then I honed in on Triangle, Zig Zag, Horned, and Winged designs creating bangles, wraps, and more and tutorials to accompany them. I took a hiatus from beading to work in my metals studio, but those wondrously shiny, sparkly beads in my stash were like a siren calling and I succumbed once again. I’m presently exploring the Warped Square and have created several pair of Warped Square Earrings, which are speedy projects and really fun to create and wear! Shown above is my third pair…I love the 3D effect created by folding the Warped Square onto itself and joining two tips together.  It is suspended from a 47SS Swarovski crystal rivoli.