Until recently, creating rings has been my least favorite of jewelry items. But I’m discovering they are really fun to make…in fact, they have replaced bracelets as my favorite jewelry pieces to create and wear! I can think of two reasons why this has occurred; (1) The adjustable ring bands remove the fear of sizing and (2) Polymer clay has made the process of creation totally enjoyable! It is such a forgiving material…if I don’t like the look of what I’m creating, I can just ball up the clay and start over! Also, the clay can be mixed into a multitude of shades of every color imaginable. It also plays well with pearlescent powders and acrylic paints and be can be baked numerous times, so adding additional elements to one’s design is easy. I’m fast becoming known as “the lady who wears all those wild rings…three or four at the same time!” My latest Polymer clay ring is titled “Reef Flora”.  It joins my “nature scape” collection of sculptural rings shown below.


The ring shank is made from hammer-textured steel, but I also make shanks in bronze…sometimes you just need a “gold” fix!  Incidentally, I have a tutorial for making the “Anemone on Coral” ring shown lower right in the above photo.