Polymer Clay - Work Table

You can probably tell from my messy work table that I’ve been busy creating beads and sculptural components for necklaces and bracelets. With all these distractingly colorful elements, it’s becoming difficult to locate anything I’m looking for amidst the jumble of supplies I’m using…pastel sticks, molds, pearlescent powders, surface texturing tools, and more are helping me to create this collection of “eye candy”. I’ve always claimed that art is a messy business and it is! No matter how hard I try to keep my work space orderly, my creative Muse has a way of diving into the making of art without regard for putting things back in their place.  She considers that a waste of precious time that should be spent in design and creation! I bow to the wants and whims of my Muse! After all, one never knows when she will decide to go on hiatus and then there will be plenty time for the drudgery of cleaning!