Polymer Clay - Pod Beads

I’ve been working with polymer clay lately and a variety of pods have been my inspiration. Polymer clay lends itself so well to organic shapes, don’t you think!  I’ve taken artistic license to improve upon the earth tones of natural pods. Instead I have added a subtle vibrancy to these pieces by accenting the beads with shades of peach, lavender, lemon, lime, raspberry, blues and greens. A bit of pearlescent powder here and there adds sheen and a bit of glimmer, which contrasts nicely with the soft pastel tones. These beads almost look good enough to eat…I’m totally in love with this collection! I’ll be creating pods in metal clay as well and combining them with the polymer beads to create yummy flora-themed pieces. I predict there will be some delicious necklaces and bracelets in the coming weeks…stay tuned!