I could have taken the easy and speedy path by using crimp covers to hide the crimp beads used in this bracelet project, but I was not at all pleased with the results. It may be a perfectly fine solution for some projects, but it detracted from the geometric beaded beads and toggle-clasp that I’ve put so much effort into designing. My solution…weave a geometric cover bead!  Because the holes in the beaded beads are too small to slide over the crimps, I began this triangle “cover bead” with extra beads. It will blend seamlessly with the other triangle beads used in this project because it will be the same size as they are. I truly had hoped to have the bracelet finished by now, but when designing one is exploring all possibilities and that process just can’t be rushed! So it will take a while longer, but will definitely be worth the wait! I’ll lose a few working days this weekend as I’m taking a workshop taught by Richard Salley…he’s a wonderful teacher!  I’ll return to the studio with fresh ideas and ready to finish the bracelet!