Turn on the Way Back machine…I found another tutorial from “way back when” while rummaging through my computer files. I designed the “Crystal Charm Drop Pendant” back in 2010, when I was pretty much of a newbie to creating my own designs and just beginning to write tutorials. I love cut crystal stones that are embellished with beads…they look so regal! Composed of Delicas, seed beads, and Charlottes, this pendant has been languishing in one of several of my jewelry boxes and now that I’ve rediscovered it, I’m going to start wearing it! I can slide the pendant onto a chain (as shown in the photo) or a beaded rope, ribbon, or cord. Or I can slip it onto a kilt pin to use as a brooch…it’s a versatile piece! I’ve listed the tutorial in my Etsy shop, which by the way, will be put in vacation mode starting February 9 while I take a well-deserved few days away from the business end of making art jewelry!