Mary’s life was fraught with complication. Upon the death of her father, James V of Scotland only six days after her birth, Mary ascended to the throne with her mother, Mary of Guise, acting as regent. At five years of age, she was betrothed to Edward, Henry VIII’s son, but her Catholic guardians were opposed to the match and broke the agreement. She was then betrothed to four-year old Francis, Dauphin of France and raised at the French Court. Francis and Mary married in 1558, but sadly, Francis died two years later. Mary returned to Scotland, which was now a Protestant country. Her marriage in 1565 to Lord Darnley was unhappy and the birth of their son, James, in 1566 did nothing to improve their relationship. Darnley was murdered the following year and her subsequent marriage to the Earl of Bothwell three months after Darnley’s death led many subjects to suspect that she was implicated in the murder. A battle ensued between Mary’s army and the Protestant Lords. Mary surrendered, was imprisoned in Lochleven Castle and forced to abdicate in favor of her infant son. She escaped in 1568 and sought shelter in England, believing her cousin, Elizabeth I, would provide safe haven. Instead, Mary was kept in captivity for 19 years, culminating in her execution in 1587.

Metal Work - Earrings - Mary Queen of Scots

Garnet is believed to have certain properties that affect one’s well-being. It is considered a stone of honesty, hope, and faith and is also used to overcome crisis and trauma. I think Mary would have worn earrings of this fashion. My heart-themed “Trust” Earrings are made of sterling silver, bronze, and brass, pearls, and bezel-set garnet cabochons.