Marine Life 2 - Bead Embroidered Brooch - Red Tones - Signed
After creating my “Marine Life” beaded brooch in lime/lavender/turquoise, I just had to make another! This time I opted for a brooch in bright red/lime/aqua/coral colourway and I used a 20mm one-of-a-kind sea-themed resin cabochon in shades of fuchsia, red, and orange…the colors blend splendidly! I’ve assembled several limited edition kits in each colourway, which you’ll find in my Etsy shop along with a lot of other kits, tutorials, and assorted goodies!

Marine Life Bead Embroidered Brooch - Kit - Red
I plan to create two more “Marine Life” brooches…the next will be in black/gold/neutral tones and the final brooch will be in cool blue/iris/sea green tones. My M.O. has always been that once I’ve finished a project, I want to move on to a new and different design, but these brooches weave up so rapidly (a great weekend project!), that I just want to make a collection of them in fantastic colors! Stay tuned…more to come!