I’ve ordered a slew of instructional DVDs from some of the best teachers around!  The reviews of those I’ve chosen are highly rated and I’m very much looking forward to honing my skills with techniques that are new to me or that I haven’t practiced in some time.  I’ve experienced the disappointment of ordering DVDs that almost put me to sleep…it’s not that the instructors weren’t adept, but on camera they appear wooden and/or nervous, or they have a monotone voice or are inarticulate.  Viewing them is literally as boring as watching paint dry and if the video quality is poor, that only adds to the frustration! Thankfully, that will not be the case with these.  Having instructional DVDs taught by fantastic teachers who share their ideas, explain their techniques thoroughly, and above all, keep my interest piqued with their enthusiasm is so important.  And frankly, it’s really wonderful to have private instruction that you can watch over and over in your own studio, at your convenience, and at a fraction of what an actual class would cost!