JacksonBriggs_August-1-14Cooper_August-1-2014Don’t be surprised if you don’t see many posts from me during the next few weeks. Thanks to Purr-Fection Animal Rescue and Shelter, we’ve just adopted two adorable eleven week-old kittens. These furry little bundles of energy are so cute that I just want to spend every waking hour with them! Aside from acclimating them to their new surroundings and giving them tons of love and attention, we are endeavoring to meld them into our family, which includes Peekaboo, our twelve year-old cat. It is not the easiest of tasks! Dogs are very receptive to new family additions…not so with cats. Cats are extremely territorial. Their homes and “their people” belong to them…add a new cat or two to the mix and it can get ugly! Peek has been our only cat since we lost Patches two years ago and she is accustomed to receiving all the attention and adulation. As you can well understand, she is presently quite miffed with the arrival of Jackson and Cooper. So I am giving double time, love, and understanding to Peekaboo while trying to juggle time and love with the kittens. Thankfully, I’m still managing to assemble and ship kits in my normal speedy mode, but I know that it will be next to impossible to get much of anything else accomplished at the moment. The studio, which is in need of a major cleanup, will remain a chaotic mess for a while longer and new beading projects (several are dancing in my head) are on hold momentarily!