Christmas 2015 - Hammer
Santa was certainly good to me this year!  Besides several sweaters, a lush scarf, books and CDs, he brought me the items shown in the above photo.  A wonderful new Fretz – Todd Reed Goldsmithing Hammer…it’s incredibly beautiful! The weight is perfect and the smooth Paduk handle fits the palm of my hand like a glove! It has a heavier round flat-faced head for forming metal and a sharp crosspein end for texturing. Packets of size 5 Miyuki Baroque Pearl beads in Antique Brass were another gift. The holes are large enough to accommodate 16-gauge wire so they will make wonderful spacer beads for wire bangles and neck rings that I create. And what looks like a black portfolio is actually a Chart Keeper with magnetic bars that I will use when I get around to designing beading tutorials again. It will make reading a patterned row by row design so much easier to follow!