I’ll admit that I love fashion. Although my wardrobe is composed primarily of black and neutrals, I enjoy perusing the wildly avant-garde pieces in fashion magazines. I live in the country where blue jeans are “de rigueur” attire for most, but not for me…unless I’m gardening or doing very messy artwork! Although I love to declare the occasional PJ day, I enjoy carefully choosing my attire for the day and doing my makeup. It’s my adult version of being in Mommy’s closest and playing dress up! To this end, art jewelry and other accessories are important features. Enter the handbag…I couldn’t resist this book, The Art of the Handbag by Claire Anthony. The cover features a Kathleen Dustin one-of-a-kind amazing polymer clay handbag…a sculptural, yet functional work of art! Looking at this piece, I am once again inspired to get out my polymer clay and get to work!