Vitamin C?  I’m fine on that front. But, I’m craving the color orange of late.  I have no idea why.  I’ve never been a fan of orange…even during the swinging 1960’s when neon orange, pink, and green were the rage against a backdrop of white and black.  What I’m loving about it is the vibrancy of this color.  It’s happy and so alive it almost dances!  So after finishing the “Quadra Play” Geometric Triangle Drop Earrings (which by the way, are not at all color shy!), I decided that I needed a second pair featuring a brilliant rich shade of orange.  Using the same design patterns as those used in the first pair of earrings, I just added Delica beads in Opaque Orange to the four triangles that comprise the pair of earrings.  Shown at left is one side and the other photo shows the reverse side. I’m always amazed at the way color changes the appearance of a design!