Beading Container - Cigar Box

I’ve tried numerous mats and cases ranging from jewelry trays to rather expensive travel beading cases, but this new find suits me to a “T” and I found it at a resale shop! It’s a beautiful black cigar box that measures 8.25” x 8.75” x 1.25”. Not too big, not too small…as Goldilocks said, “It’s just right!”

Beading Container - Cigar Box Filled

The size is perfect for holding containers of beads, embellishments and components, and other beading accessories. I’ve cut a beading mat to fit inside and I’ll fit an extra mat into the top of the case, which will keep my beads and accessories in place when I close the lid and tilt the box upright to fit inside my travel tote. This cigar box is a great size for working on a tray table in airplanes and if there is turbulence, I can just close the lid! Best of all, when I have to leave the project I’m working on for a minute or two, I just close and latch the lid and I know my work is safe from curious cats that might wander on my work table and run off with needle and thread!