Bugle Beads

I’ve definitely taken a long hiatus from beading, but I’m feeling I should get back into it soon! I ordered these luscious Toho bugle beads some time ago…I just couldn’t resist the deep matte Aquarius Green and Mauve Mocha! And Metallic Bronze, a color I use frequently, is always a staple in my collection of beads. These bugle beads have been sitting patiently, waiting for me to create a geometric piece or perhaps to use in an embellished bead embroidered cuff. I’d almost forgotten that I had these lovelies until I was paging through one of my fashion magazines and came across a top and dress made of bugle beads. And look at those wild fashion-statement beaded earrings at the right side of the photo! It reminded me that these beads have these languishing for far too long. I’m putting my design “thinking cap” on and I feel confident I’ll have a finished product eventually in which these play an important part!