Polymer Clay - Soft Pastels

Really…can one have too many art supplies? In my case the answer is an emphatic No! Especially when they have a long shelf life! I was going to put these items on my Xmas list, but I just couldn’t wait!  I went ahead and ordered two soft pastels palette sets from Shades of Clay (a wonderful source for all things related to polymer clay!) and I’m so glad I did. They are wonderful for adding color to my polymer clay work! The applicator and sponges that come with each set allow dabbing on of the pastels and this helps eliminate pigment dust particles from floating in the air and ending up in one’s lungs. Until now, I had been using soft pastels in stick form and shaving off pigment with a craft knife, which I then apply with a brush, but the applicator and sponges work far better! The other pastel palette contains white, two shades of turquoise, bright yellow-green, black, and two shades of red. I’m going to have a lot of fun coloring!