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Because all pieces are one of kind, please be aware that a commissioned piece can differ somewhat from the original. To special order or check the availability of a piece shown here, please contact me. Also, check my Etsy shop – you may find something you like!


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Mixed Media - Resin - Metal - Cosmos Earrings - White Background2_edited-2My hydraulic press and a floral-themed pancake die were used to create these playful earrings. Made of patinaed sterling silver and 18k gold bimetal (I love the rich amber tones and flashes of blue at the center!), they swing and sway from hammer-textured 18-gauge sterling silver wire. I had initially thought of filling the bezels at the center of each flower with polymer clay, but opted for resin instead. Measuring 1” in width and 2” in length, these earrings are titled “Cosmos”. The petal forms remind me of the Cosmos flower (a member of the daisy family) and the resin-filled bezels, which contain 2mm Swarovski crystal bicones and “fairy dust” (a.k.a fine glitter) remind me of a galaxy filled with billions of stars! Sold.

“Le Roi Soleil” (The Sun King) Earrings

LMetal Work - Le Roi Soleil - Earringsouis XIV, known as the Sun King ruled as King of France for 72 years, the longest reign of any European Monarch in history. He was a patron of the arts allowing classical French literature to flourish.  Louis was also passionate about ballet…at fifteen years of age, he appeared as Apollo in Le Ballet de la Nuit. Described as simultaneously marvelous and immoral, Louis was married to Maria Theresa of Spain in 1660 and quite devoted to her during the first year of their marriage, although never faithful to her for the remainder of their years together. Perhaps he might have presented earrings such as these to Maria when they were bethrothed and enchanted with each other?  “Le Roi Soleil” (The Sun King) is the title of this pair of earrings. Each sunburst and dangling heart is made of hammer-textured, die-cut bronze sheet. The die-cut stars, bezels, and wirework are sterling silver. Cabochons of carnelian, mother of pearl and black fresh water pearls accent these earrings.  1″ in width x 2.5″ in length. $148

“Marie’s Fleur de Lis ” Earrings

Metal Work - Antoinette Fleur-de-lis - Earrings“Let Them Eat Cake.” That statement has been attributed to Marie Antoinette when she was told the people had no bread. Born an Archduchess of Austria and married to the Dauphin of France at the tender age of fifteen, young Marie led a sheltered and privileged life. She had no idea of what it was to be poor. An extravagant lifestyle filled with parties and balls and sumptuous clothing, jewelry, and finery was really all she knew. It seems she had quite a fabulous time until the age of thirty-eight when her life was cut short during the French Revolution. While creating these Fleur-de-lis themed earrings, I thought of Marie. I wanted this pair to reflect a modicum of opulence…a design Marie might wear on occasion when understated elegance was called for. Made of patinated sterling silver and accented with tiny dots of 18k gold bi-metal, bezel-set 10mm carnelian cabochons, and a Tahitian pearl dangling from the bottom of each earring, they measure 1″ in width and 2.5″ in length. I’ve titled these earrings “Marie’s Fleur-de-lis”.  $188

“Silence” Temple Bell Earrings

A very long time ago, when I was a just a little girl, there was a gift shop that my mother and I used to frequent.  The store, aptly named Rockledge because it was built on a cliff overlooking a picturesque waterfall, was stocked with tasteful items and curiosities: children’s books (my “First Steps in Ballet” book was purchased there), gifts for golfers, cooks,  and collectors to name a few.  Among one of my mother’s many sporadic purchases, was a strand of tiny bells from India called “Bells of Sarna”.  I still have several bells from that strand which I found tucked away in a basket while readying my mother’s home for sale.  The bells now hang from a lamp on my workbench and were my inspiration for these bronze and fine silver metal clay earrings. Thankfully they are very quiet  – I find earrings that tinkle and jangle disturbing when rattling next to my ears!  They are light weight and very comfortable to wear. Materials: Fine silver metal clay with 24k gold keum boo, sterling silver, bronze metal clay. They measure 21mm x 49 mm in length. Sold.

“Game Time” Earrings

These earrings are such fun to wear and they always solicite comments! Each sterling silver bezel is filled with jeweler’s grade resin and inclusions of tiny puzzle pieces from, believe it or not, a puzzle that contains 240 pieces and measuresa miniscule 4″x 6″ when put together. Other inclusions are a tiny bit of “fairy dust” (a.k.a. glitter), and flakes of artist’s chalk pastel. Tiny dice dangle at the bottom. No two earrings are alike and puzzle pieces will vary in shape and color. The pair measures 20mm x 65mm. $175

“Oh, Oh, Domino”

Lightweight and novel, these asymmetrical earrings are such fun to wear. Made from a bakelite domino that I’ve altered by sawing in half lengthwise, one earring sports a bright red die. Both are topped with bronze disks and swing from sterling silver earwires. Sold.

“Dance, Sing, Celebrate” Earrings

Everyday is a gift and these earrings remind us to dance, sing, and celebrate! Embedded in jeweler’s grade resin, I’ve placed that phrase in each quater-inch sized square along with tiny shards of colored glass and “celestial fairie dust” (aka glitter). Dangling at the bottom of each earring is a lovely black aurora borealis crystal teardrop. Sold

“Secrets” Earrings

Can you keep a secret? Yes? Secrets are meant to be kept and these earrings are a good reminder of that. In each sterling silver triangle I’ve placed the word “Secrets” and embedded it in jeweler’s grade resin along with tiny glass shards and a light sprinkling of “celestial fairie dust” (aka glitter). Swinging from sterling silver earwires, just above each triangle is an amethyst colored crystal and a textured fine silver metal clay tube. I’ve given them a patinaed finish for an antique look. Light weight and comfortable to wear, each earring measures one-half inch in width and two inches in length. $130

“Seek Beauty in All Things” Earrings

There is so much beauty in the world! These earrings are a reminder to look for the good in everything. Each earring contains text in a small sterling silver square. Embedded in jeweler’s grade resin, I’ve placed the words “Seek beauty” in one earring and “in all things” in its mate. A tiny mauve crystal teardrop dangles at the bottom of each earring. Comfortable and lightweight, they swing on sterling silver earwires. Each earring measures one half inch in width by two inches in length. $110

“Flora” Earrings

Tiny colorful floral buds made of polymer clay petals swing to and fro as if dancing in the wind. An antiqued brass dangle gently swings at the bottom. Each bud measures one centimeter round. They are suspended from sterling silver ear wires and measure a little over one inch in length. You may order these in your favorite colors. Sold.