One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  I’m always on the lookout for discarded items that can be repurposed and given a new life.  I wasn’t actually scavenging when my husband and I were in our local wine store several months ago.  But this “Maker’s Mark” display caught my eye.  My initial thought was that it would make a great yarn cabinet.  I asked Tim, our “go to wine expert” there what they do with displays when they’ve ended a promotion.  The answer was that they usually throw them away.  Mon Dieu – what a waste!  I asked if he could save the display for me when it was no longer needed and the answer was a resounding “Yes, indeed.”  Last week, I loaded it into my car and brought it home.  I realized that it had several new life options.  It would be a super cabinet for my many arts and crafts books, or if I had several cats, it would make a fabulous cat condo!  But what I need most and have actually been looking for is storage for my ever-growing collection of DVDs.  The case is open at the front and back and just deep enough to have room for DVDs on both sides – how perfect!  So, the reclaimed “Maker’s Mark” cabinet now has a new life and is a very welcome addition to my studio.  Thank you, Tim!