SafariCuff_BlackBackgroundBeautyShot_6My ZigZag “Safari Cuff” (inspired by the Rick-Rack designs in Kate McKinnon’s CGB) is finally finished and it has fast become one of my favorite pieces to wear! It’s getting compliments galore and I’m truly amazed at how lightweight and comfortable this slip-on cuff is! Although I could have made it with a snap closure, I’ve found that I prefer the endless design as it shifts positions upon my wrist. I don’t know about you, but I love animal prints, and the Cheetah, Zebra, Giraffe, Tiger, and Crocodile designs framed by deep red spines kept this project interesting and fun to make! No tedium here! The beading actually took a modicum of time to complete compared to designing the pattern.  First there was the sizing issue, which is deceptive because the MRAW foundation band appears large enough to be a necklace! However, with a few rows of beading, it started to pull in and after beading another ten rows it grew smaller still.

SafariCuff_BlackBackgroundBeautyShot_3I actually had four false starts before arriving at the desired size to fit my wrist. Once that size was determined, I was able to figure bead count for medium and large sizes as well. At the same time, I was designing the pattern work and creating a chart that I revised several times before I was totally pleased with the layout. All’s well that ends well and I’m absolutely delighted with the finished product! You’ll find the pattern and beading kit in my Etsy shop – go take a look!