Mixed Media -  Seaside - Bracelet - Polymer-PMC

In the midst of our frigid Midwest winter the idea of warmth, sun, sand, and sea is very appealing. With no chance of a tropical vacation in store right now, I’ve brought a tiny bit of that atmosphere to fruition with this mixed-media bracelet. The pieces of coral look like the real thing but are actually polymer clay. I love the idea of creating faux gemstones in this material…turquoise, Amber, and others! Not only are they lighter in weight than the real thing, they are also less fragile as anything made from polymer clay is practically indestructible! Pan pastels were used to add subtle shades and hues to the polymer beads and seashell. Fine silver metal clay pinched disks add a pleasing contrast to the nature-inspired components. Now I’ll just apply a spritz of Bobbi Brown’s “Beach” fragrance, close my eyes, and mentally transport myself to sun, sand, and sea!