Mirror - Shell Work in Progress

At the moment I have several projects in various states of completion…a bead embroidered cuff that I started last February, a pair of heart earrings, and some beaded beads to name a few. But for the past few days, I’ve been working on the mirror that attaches to the vanity I refinished. You may recall from a post a few weeks ago, that the vanity mirror had just been refinished, but then accidentally knocked over, breaking to smithereens! I managed to salvage several large pieces of the broken mirror and after laying down a base of white Apoxie Sculpt and attaching the remaining shards of mirror to the base, I’m now embedding seashells in black Apoxie Sculpt and using a toothbrush to create the texture of cooled lava…I knew all those shells I’ve collected over the years while on vacation would come in handy some day! A few more days and it will be finished allowing me to return to my jeweler’s bench and the other projects that are waiting for my attention!