Perhaps I should say nightmare!  Last night I dreamed I was scheduled to teach a beading class (I lack the teaching gene, so that was a nightmare in itself!) in St. Louis and of course, I was concerned about being caught up in the Ferguson event .  For some reason my husband rented the cab of a semi-truck for me to drive there (I can’t imagine being behind the wheel of a big rig!).  I parked at a bus stop and laid out my beaded work on a bench (the elaborate beaded neckpiece was almost finished and was to be entered in a contest when completed).  I then went across the street to get carry out from a restaurant and minutes later when I returned, I discovered the neckpiece was gone (big surprise!).  I proceeded to the bead shop where I was to give the class and I explained that the neckpiece, which served as my demo had been stolen.  The owner of the shop said that was okay as she had many students signed up who were left-handed and needed help…considering I’m right-handed, that would have proved a challenge!  Thankfully, I woke up before the nightmare proceeded!  If I were to analyze this dream, I’d say it was filled with fear as well as loss.  But since I don’t enjoy the process of analysis (I find it tedious and time-consuming and often the results are dead wrong!), I’m thankfully free to shake off the night and start my day anew!