It’s hard to believe that several weeks ago my beading table was pristine…clear of any clutter or debris. Utter chaos happens when a shipment of Delica beads arrives at the same time that I’m assembling beading kits. One scenario without the other is bad enough, but finding more storage for the additional beads is always a complication. Some Delicas arrive in large bags and in order to conserve space, I repackage those into tubes, which I can stack side-by-side bottom up in order to better see the colors. Assembling beading kits requires weighing, measuring, and/or counting beads and parceling them in bags, printing and applying the labels for each color used in the design, and printing the tutorials. There are many distractions as I try to keep my mind on the tasks at hand and of course, ideas for a new project start surfacing and drifting through my brain. All the colorful beads that surround me are a huge influence. Note to self: must finish this job pronto to make way for new design!