Beading Repair - Moth Damage

It’s not an enormous problem, but during the course of each year moths become enamored with my fine woolens. They find my sweaters and shawls the perfect place to lay their eggs so their hatching larvae can feast on these very tasty items! I refuse to use mothballs…not only do they smell terrible, they are extremely toxic. It’s so annoying to select a garment to wear only to find a hole in it! Fortunately, the hole in this poncho was near the shoulder so a bit of decorative beading will save this garment. I haven’t been as fortunate with others that have been eaten at the elbow or middle back. I remember a time when a yard or so of the yarn used in a garment was included in a small packet attached to the article, but those days are are a thing of the past as manufacturers started to increase their profit margin by cutting corners. Bead embroidery to the rescue! With the addition of an 8mm Swarovski bezeled crystal, seed beads, and keishi and petite freshwater pearls, this garment is being saved. I’ve just done some research and it seems the best moth preventives are cinnamon, clove, and lavender. Thankfully, I very much like these scents and I will probably be spending time filling pouches to fill every nook and cranny in the closet!