I just love using found objects in my work!  I truly don’t remember where I found this bicycle gear chain, but I do remember that it was unpleasantly sticky with grease.  After a soak and some scrubbing in detergent, it came clean.  With the addition of a sterling hook and eye closure, the 13” length of chain fits me perfectly when worn as a choker!  It appeals to my fondness for all things mechanical…I’m fascinated with gears and clock parts and similar items!  And it’s such a versatile piece!  Who would think it would pair so well with a seed bead bezeled crystal piece such as my “Crystal Charm Drop Pendant”, but it does!  I want to make other pendants to wear on this chain, perhaps a very long drop made of hammer-textured silver or bronze wire that attaches to a hollow-formed metal bead…something very stark and contemporary.   And maybe a long, narrow wire cage that holds a large crystal.  An entire wardrobe of interchangeable pendants would be such fun to make and wear! I can hardly wait to start!