PolymerClay_SilverWire_edited-1My body of work over the past two years has consisted of geometrically bead woven pieces and I’ve actually beaded myself into a severe case of tendonitis in my left wrist. It’s time to give it a rest!  Having completed my latest project, I’ve decided it’s time for change. I have sorely neglected my metal work and I’ve missed playing with polymer clay and resin. I’m not saying “goodbye” to beading by any means, but I truly want to return to the creation of mixed media pieces and components. The cost of silver has finally declined allowing me to restock my supply of wire for making bangles, neck rings, links, and cages that hold found objects. And I’ve recently purchased blocks of Pardo Translucent Clay with which to experiment. Supposedly, it is the clearest of translucent clays on the market and it can be mixed with other brands of polymer clay and alcohol inks offering great versatility in color. I envision pieces of faux Roman glass gliding along hammer textured metal bangles and so much more! You can expect to see some interesting new works in the coming months!