When I contemplate a new design, whether it be a piece crafted in metal, polymer clay, or beadwork, I usually have a purpose in mind. In this instance, I happened to have on hand a brass mesh bangle with rolled edges that form a channel. My feeling was that colorful beads would be a natural addition to fill the void. The first step: select colors, types and sizes of various beads for the project. Do I want round seed beads or Delicas? How about the addition of crystals or pearls? Once I’ve decided on the materials, I start working on the design. I’m not one who does a lot of sketching. Rather, I tend to “dive in” and start stitching, trying out various types of stitches, sometimes combining RAW (right angle weave) with peyote or herringbone. I make up several different swatches, testing various weaves and checking measurements, much as one would check gauge when knitting. The original concept often morphs into another idea entirely, sometimes resulting in an unexpected delight! Presently, I’m not quite sure if I will even use the brass bangle – the beaded portion that I intended to insert in the channel seems to be taking on a life of it’s own!