Woodland_05-16-13As much as I’d like to be beading, the garden is calling me. I’ve finally planted my herbs and they are very happy to be free to stretch and grow. It’s amazing how they seem to double in size overnight when they are no longer confined to pots! I’ve also planted some tomatoes, which I never seem to have much luck with, but perhaps this will be the year I have a bumper crop! First thing every morning, I check the garden to see if Mr. and Mrs. Raccoon have pulled up any of the plants during the night. They seem to love to uproot any freshly planted herbs. They don’t eat them, but usually by the time I’ve awakened, the plants are wilted and withered and often do not rebound when I’ve re-planted them and of course, there are deer to contend with.  Their hooves leave deep impressions in the soft, moist soil – dead give away that they have visited, inspected, and nibbled on the tender greens! I still have Butterfly Weed and False Indigo to plant today and am hoping that I can get back to beading tomorrow – I’m more than ready!