You can never have enough of them! I’m not talking about office supplies here. I mean those necessities that are used in a myriad of beading projects that one must have on hand such as different sized needles and types of thread and various beads one uses often, such as these 15/0 Metallic Bronze beads, which just arrived in my mailbox from I don’t have a specific project in mind for them, but I know I will use them! Almost every beaded project I design uses a 15/0 metallic bead as an accent or embellishment. They provide beautifully rounded edges to the final rows of projects made with Delica beads. Having very precise edges, Delica beads are very desirable for geometrically beaded projects, but I find that using metallic 15/0 seed beads in the last row imparts a “finished” look to my work.  It’s nice to know these beads will be waiting in my bead stash the next time I need that finishing touch!