When I created my polymer clay “Water Lily” ring two months ago, I was very pleased with it. I wore it constantly while making more rings and the more rings I made, the more colorful and detailed my polymer work became. No doubt about it…my “Water Lily” ring was drab by comparison!  But a PolymerClay_WaterLily_Ring_edited-1cure for the “drabs” was an easy fix  because polymer clay is a forgiving material that can be built upon again and again and baked multiple times. And because it’s such an affordable medium, I feel free to take chances with design.  So back to the drawing board!  I added a row of copper polymer petals accented with large chartreuse polka dots and an additional layer of small heart-shaped lavender petals topped with tiny  aqua “buds”. My ring is now a virtual riot of color and whimsy! I love it!