Sadly, the March issue of Art Jewelry will be the last. It has gone the way of so much print materiaArt Jewelry Magazinel that has been done away with. I have greatly enjoyed this publication since it’s inception ten years ago and will miss it. There is a plethora of craft magazines to be had, everything from woodworking, beading, candle and soap making, scrapbooking, etc., but magazines dealing with jewelry-making techniques of this caliber are few and far between…Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine, which has been published since 1947 first as Lapidary Journal before adding Jewelry Artist to it’s title, is the only other magazine I can think of that is similar. Metalsmlth magazine has been around for more than thirty years, but it is more a showcase magazine for gallery worthy pieces and exposés on well-known and/or “cutting-edge” jewelry artisans. There is little to no advice on technique and projects are nonexistent in that publication. Thankfully, there are a good number of great jewelry-making books where one can find information on a multitude of techniques used in the process of creating art jewelry. Still, I will definitely miss perusing the pages of Art Jewelry magazine.