I’ve been working along to Bill Fretz’s instructional DVD, “Basic Jewelry Hammering and Forming” and have just finished my first piece…a textured concave Ruffle Cuff! Now I’m ready to move on to a convex cuff.  For learning purposes a cuff starts out as an annealed blank of pre-cut brass tubing (as shown on the stake at the right in the photo below), which is then formed on shaped stakes with various hammers. The brass workhardens rapidly and must be annealed several times. When the final shape is finished and textured to satisfaction, the bangle is sawed through to create a cuff. Of course, if one has a very tiny hand, it could be left whole and worn as a bangle.

Bracelet_Forged_RuffleCuff_WorkInProgress I have four other DVDs by Bill with instruction for forming pendants, bezels, rings, and other techniques that I’m eager to explore while hoaning my metalsmithing skills. Gosh, I’m having a good time!