A new Empress Ming’s Cuff will be in the works shortly. I’m ready to enter planet Mongo once again as I’ve had several requests for a tutorial for this design. When I created the first Empress Ming, I  just picked up needle and thread and started to bead “off the cuff” so to speak without noting any directions. Creating a tutorial now will entail designing a color chart for the pattern work, writing the step-by-step tutorial as I bead, and shooting process photos for each step. This usually takes several weeks to a month depending on the amount of distractions that occur on a daily basis…one cannot live by beads alone, you understand, although I’d like to try that! Naturally, I don’t want to make an exact duplicate of the red, black, and white original so I’ve chosen bold new colors, which I believe go very well with the Flash Gordon versus Ming, the Merciless theme upon which the original Empress Ming’s cuff was based. I think Delica beads in dark gunmetal and cobalt blue along with black, gray, and metallic bronze will be absolutely perfect for the second Empress Ming!