I could not ask for a more perfect day to be on the screened porch beading to my heart’s content in the company of cats! I’m surrounded by the glorious colors of a fast approaching autumn, the humming of bees as they dart from flower to flower, a chorus of cicadas, and wasps buzzing as they fly to and fro bouncing against the screen. A gentle breeze is whispering and tree frogs are singing. Squirrels scurry up and down trees as they collect their hoard for the winter. In the distance I hear geese honking and the gentle whistle of a train rolling on the tracks along the Mississippi River. I sip my chocolate-sprinkled cappuccino and smile to myself with contentment, knowing I am so lucky to live in the middle of a woodland surrounded by prairie and enthralled with the beauty of nature. If only I could capture this moment in a bottle and store it away to reopen on the cold winter days that lie ahead!