My Beauties have just arrived home! I dare say my wrist has missed them dreadfully! I shipped them off to Tucson in early August where Kate McKinnon photographed them for inclusion in the upcoming Contemporary Geometric Beadwork – Volume II.  I know that my “Creative Components Wrap” will be included in the CGB calendar (modeled by Kellner decked out as a cool cowboy wearing aviators!), but I can hardly wait to hold CGB-II in my hands and see these pieces unfold in the pages of the book! I anticipate a great deal of excitement and wonder at the extravaganza of winged, horned, zigged and zagged, tulip petaled and star-shaped, fortune told, and zip-winged pieces that will appear in the book!  What inspiration and eye candy to behold! CGB I was fantastic, but I predict CGB II will be absolutely and astoundingly fabulous!