Beadwork - Ndebele with PolymerFaux GemstonesAlmost all the beadwork I’ve done in the past three years has been worked in peyote stitch. It’s been ages since I’ve used Ndebele stitch for bead weaving, but it is so perfect for this project! After making a collection of polymer clay faux amber, turquoise, and coral, I knew a “Tibetan” inspired rope would be the perfect vehicle for displaying my faux gemstones. At this point, I don’t know if I will bead a toggle clasp or make a closure of sterling silver. Designs are always a work in progress for me…ideas come to me as I’m going along. Often a concept will change direction many times before the project is completed. At any rate, I’m using some of those new Toho beads that arrived recently as well as Delicas from my stash and having a lot of fun playing with the various bead shapes and colors. I think the finished piece will be stunning and I plan to wear it along with a silver necklace that will complement the theme and if the rope ends up to be long enough, I may wear it wrapped around my wrist several times. This design could very well become a tutorial and kit! I had forgotten how much I enjoy the Zen that accompanies the process of beading and so happy to have rediscovered it!