Metalwork_ScarabPendantShe’s dancing the Tarantella, turning cartwheels, rushing to and fro, bombarding me with ideas for new jewelry pieces. Lately, my mind is swirling like a whirlpool in a never-ending spiral and I’m loving this newfound flow of energy! Having cleaned my metals studio, I’ve rediscovered so many stones, beads, and materials that I’ve collected over the years and they are all begging to be transformed into pieces of art jewelry! Before I can finish a project, the next one is calling to me! The agate cabochon used in my latest piece was amongst many cabs purchased well over twenty years ago! Set in a sterling silver bezel on bronze sheet, the scarab used in the upper portion of the pendant is made of epoxy resin clay and was created while I was writing an article, “Polymer Clay vs Epoxy Resin Clay” for “Handcrafted Jewelry” magazine in 2012. I love the way this pendant glides along the gear chain choker!  Now on to the next piece!