As enamored as I am with petite 5mm x 8mm Baby Spike beads, there is a time when larger spikes are called for.  In the case of my “Triangular Drop Variation Earrings” (inspired by CBG and Jean Power), any spike bead smaller than the 7mm x 17mm that I used would have SpikeBeads_7mmx17mm_TriangularDropVariationhad little impact on the design.  These earrings make a fashion statement and required a far more substantial accent bead with a bit of magic! Each handmade Czech glass Spike possesses an aura of colors depending on lighting conditions.  They are absolutely gorgeous! The colors shown clockwise from the top left are Magic Amber, Magic Lilac, Magic Raspberry (used in the earrings), and Magic Orchid. They’re available in my Etsy shop. Incidentally, the tutorial and beading kits for my “Triangular Drop Earrings and Variation” will be available very soon as well!