I was running low on business cards and had a sale…25% off. I simply couldn’t pass up a deal like that! I’ve ordered from Moo previously and have always been pleased with their quick turn around, service, and the fact that you can upload a huge assortment of photos. I absolutely love the Mini card size they offer. They tuck into a tiny cardholder made by Moo specifically for stashing Mini cards. It attaches to a key ring and slips right into my pocket or my favorite very small purse so I’m always ready to hand out a card when someone compliments my work. In the past I’ve had up to one hundred different photos loaded onto a batch of one hundred cards, but this time around, I’ve loaded two photos per card on several hundred cards…definitely more bang for the buck! Above are my latest cards lined up in two rows. Most show finished pieces, but several include photos of works in progress. Needless to say, I’m incredibly pleased with these…thanks, for the great job, Moo!